Sports/Deep Tissue Massage


Sports massage refers to “Deep Tissue” manipulation. What is deep tissue, you may ask? What you have are different layers of muscles throughout your body. There are the “Superficial” muscles, these are the muscles that lay closest to the skin and which you can sometimes see on a well-developed physique such as, the bicep muscle or the pectoral chest muscles. Then you have the “Deep” muscles which lay underneath the superficial muscles and are not as visible to the eye. So when you hear the phrase “Deep Tissue” massage, this is what it means, massaging not only the superficial muscles but also those deeper muscles that make-up your body. Sports massage also applies a greater understanding of how the human body functions, there is an emphasis on active clients. 

Anyone who is suffering from a condition that limits their movement will benefit from a Sports massage. 

Sports massages in Central London